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About Vertical Food

Founded in 2017, Vertical Food is a leading online food delivery company based in Berlin. The company is on a mission to build a technology-based infrastructure for the development and operation of leading digital restaurants. The entire process - from product development to its last mile delivery - is overseen by the company internally. Vertical Food’s cutting-edge tech solutions allows for transparency at each step of the value chain. This does not only serve as a starting point to optimize the order placement, -fulfillment, and -delivery process, but also to gain a thorough understanding of constantly shifting consumer behavior patterns.

The company operates 10 digital premium restaurants and has been awarded by Guinness World Records and Delivery Hero as the best delivery company in the country. Vertical Food employs more than 80 people, reflecting 16 beautiful nationalities from all around the world. The company seeks to revolutionize the traditional gastronomy industry with its virtual approach, using technology, embracing innovation and relying on a deep passion for food.